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Uninstallation Window AC Inverter
  • AC will be checked once before uninstallation
  • In-case of window AC, the provision needs to be closed by the customer
Installation Window AC Inverter
  • Provision for installing window AC in the wall or the window needs to be done by a carpenter or a mason. AC professionals will not do this
  • AC will be installed by the professionals and its performance will be checked
  • Gas pressure will be checked post installation
Wet Cleaning Inverter Window Ac
  • Gas pressure will be checked before start of the service
  • Filter, drain pipe / tray and outer panel will be cleaned
  • Cooling coils and condenser coils will be cleaned
  • Any water leakage in the drain pipe will be checked carefully
  • High Pressure jet pumps will not be used for this service
  • Performance of the AC will be checked post service
  • Cooling of the AC depends on multiple factors such as age of the AC, quality of the gas filled, pressure of the gas etc., and Servicing alone does not guarantee improvement in the cooling
Visiting Charges Window AC Invertor
    • Complete diagnosis of AC
    • Identifying problems like gas leakage, compressor shorting, etc.
    • Visiting charge if service not taken