AC Service and Repair

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Why MaintainO :

  • Customer Protection of upto 3000 against damages
  • Background checked and trained technicians
  • 15-days service guarantee on online payment
  • Visiting Charges Rs. 200 if service not taken post inspection
  • Spare charges will be extra
  • Professional is liable to provide the old spare part in case of replacement of part

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AC Service and Repair

Wet Servicing

  • Gas pressure will be checked before start of the Service.
  • Outdoor unit in case of Split AC will be checked for debris and will be cleaned.
  • Filter, drain pipe/ tray and outer panel will be cleaned.
  • Cooling coils and condenser coils will be cleaned.
  • Any water leakage in the drain pipe will be checked carefully.
  • High Pressure jet pumps will not be used for this service.
  • Performance of the Ac will be checked post service.
  • Cooling of the AC depends on multiple factors such as age of the AC, quality of the gas  filled, pressure of the gas etc., and Servicing alone does not guarantee improvement in the cooling.

Installation-Window AC

  • Provision for installing window AC in the wall or the window needs to be done by a carpenter or a mason. AC professionals will not do this.
  • AC will be installed by the professionals and its performance will be checked.
  • Gas pressure will be checked post installation.

Installation-Split AC

  • Prices only include labor cost, cost of spare part will be extra.
  • The professionals do not carry chairs or stool and might ask for them during servicing and installation.
  • Basis on the thickness of the wall , the professional may need to use advanced cutting tools. This may attract additional charges.


  • AC will be checked once  before uninstallation.
  • In-case of window AC, the provision needs to be closed by customer.

Gas Charging

  • Leakage will be checked  before gas charging.
  • If there is a leakage: 80% of the time, AC can be fixed on-site. 20% of the time AC might have to be taken back to the professional’s place for a day or two.


  • Fixed charges for installation, uninstallation and servicing.
  • Charges for AC repairs will be quoted upon inspection.

Things to Know

  • The professional is liable to give you the old spare part in case of the spare part replacement.
  • Do ask the professional for job card for the work done , it will contain information of the repair work and spare used.


Visiting Charges Rs.350

  • Complete diagnosis of AC.
  • Identifying problems like gas leakage, compressor shorting, etc.
  • Visiting charge if service not taken.


Window AC Rs.400

  • Gas pressure & water leakage check.
  • Filter, drain pipe, outer panel & all coil will be cleaned.
  • Complete performance check of the Ac.

Split AC Rs.500

  • Gas pressure & water leakage check.
  • Outdoor unit, filter, drain pipe, outer panel & all coil will be cleaned.
  • Complete performance check of the AC


Window AC Rs.800

  • Installation of AC unit.
  • Complete performance and gas pressure check.
  • Welding OR Carpentaing work are exclluding in above charges, core cutting hole will be charged Rs. 600 extra.

Split AC Rs.1500

  • Installation of AC unit.
  • Complete performance and gas pressure check.


Window AC Rs.400

  • Complete Check before un-installation.
  • Removal and un-installation of unit.

Split AC Rs.600

  • Complete check before ub-installation.
  • Removal and un-installation of unit.

Labor cost is apart from visiting charges

*Ladder or climbing material should be provided by the customer




Additional information


Visiting Charges Rs. 350, Servicing Window AC Rs. 400, Servicing Split AC Rs. 500, Installation Window AC Rs. 500, Installation Split AC Rs. 1,500, Un-installation Window AC Rs. 400, Un-installation Split AC Rs. 600


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