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Uninstallation Split AC Non Invertor

We recommend in case of Non Invertor AC to remove the coolant before uninstallation.

Before Ac uninstall ac must in be in running condition.

Installation Split AC Non Inverter

Mounting and installation of indoor unit on wall, Making hole on wall for taking out copper tubes and filling it with white cement, Placing the outdoor unit at serviceable location, Interconnection of copper pipes. Connection the wiring and commissioning the units.

Wet Cleaning Non Inverter Split Ac
  • Cleaning of indoor unit filters, coils, blades, and outer panel.
  • The outer unit will be cleaned of debris and bird droppings at installation place only and wherever possible.
  • Drainpipe will be checked for any leakages
  • Cleaning space for the servicing like yard/balcony/ bathroom has to be provided by the customer
  • High-pressure jet will not be used as it may damage the electricals.
Visiting Charges Split AC Non Invertor
    • Technicians inspect, analyze, and troubleshoot client systems and equipment. They run tests and interpret the results to make the effective recommendations to fix faulty or broken equipment. When necessary during repairs, they will source replacement parts and negotiate costs with suppliers and clients.

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