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Maintaino ensures that the water you use is not only purified but also stored in a clean environment. Our tank cleaning services utilize high-pressure machines and effective chemicals to eliminate dirt and bacteria, providing you with a hygienic water storage solution.


Tank Cleaning (Up to 1000 liters) - Rs. 500

Thorough cleaning for smaller tanks High-pressure and chemical treatment

Tank Cleaning (Above 1000 liters) - Rs. 700 - Rs. 2400 (Depends on Size)

Tailored cleaning based on the tank size Efficient removal of contaminants

Fixed Price: 0.70 Paisa per liter

Transparent pricing for your convenience Ensures fair and consistent charges

Above price are minimum rate of parts not final rate so Parts rate can be variable according barnd

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Choose Maintaino for tank cleaning that goes beyond the surface, promoting a healthier and safer water storage solution.

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