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MaintainO is your trusted partner for comprehensive LED TV. Our skilled technicians are ready to address a variety of issues to keep your air conditioner running efficiently.

What We Offer

TV Repair Components:
  1. TV Repair Kit:

    • Spare Price: 750
    • Labour Cost: 350
  2. LED Backlight:

    • Spare Price: 1100 per unit
    • Labour Cost: 350
  3. Panel Repair:

    • Spare Price: 4000
    • Labour Cost: 350
  4. Supply Board Repair:

    • Spare Price: 1500-3000
    • Labour Cost: 350
  5. New Supply Board:

    • Spare Price: 3500-4500
    • Labour Cost: 350
  6. Speaker:

    • Spare Price: 1400
    • Labour Cost: 350

Visiting Charges:

  • Visiting Charges:
    • Visiting Charge: 350 

Above price are minimum rate of parts not final rate so Parts rate can be variable according barnd

— Customer Service

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